Buying the XPS 15 9570 from the Philippines

I would like to share my knowledge of how I was able to buy the XPS 15 9570 (2018) by Dell from the US and bring it to the Philippines using a forwarding service called ShippingCart.

Please note that during the time of purchase, this specific model of the XPS 15 is still not available in the country. The only way I will be able to have it is to buy from other countries. My first option is the United States since I have the background of buying things from there and shipped it either directly via FedEx or use a forwarding company like ShippingCart.

If you are wondering why I am going to the Dell line instead of saying, a Mac, because of the warranty. Afaik, Dell is the only company I know that offers a technician to personally visit your location and have your computer repaired as part of its warranty. Dell calls this warranty as NBD (Next Business Day on-site).

Back to the Purchase, I wanted to have the maximum warranty of 4 years and only offers it. However, there are problems for a common Pinoy like me. The Dell US website only accepts US based cards, meaning my Philippine-issued cards will not be accepted as a payment option. Aside from that, Dell also does not ship to a forwarding company. ( This is going on for many years already )

Good thing I was able to secure somebody to purchase it on my behalf, ( Thanks Sir Troy! ). I chose the i7 coffee lake, 32gb ram, 1tb ssd and 4k display version. Including the 4 years ProSupport and accidental warranty, the total was around $3,000.

The laptop was then sent to my custom shippingcart address from Sir Troy wherein I paid around P10,000 including the insurance fee for air cargo. It was delivered after 5 days here in Bohol. Great job shippingcart considering that I am in the province!

I received the laptop unblemished and immediately initialized the transfer of warranty from US to Philippines. In less than 10 days the warranty was transferred to my name, ASIA region – Philippines. Hurray!

During the whole plan of buying the laptop here are a few info I learned.

  • You can use the service to have someone buy it for you, checkout its website of how it works.
  • I have used the Gcash US virtual Amex card but the purchase did not push through for some reason.
  • Dell US usually gives promo codes, during my purchase I was able to make use of a 10% discount.

If you have any question related to buying the laptop, let me know by commenting in the video above.